Backend Developer / Possible CTO // denise audio

Are you are backend developer who L O V E S music technology (digital music production, plugins & instruments) and is interested in joining a startup that is building a service-based platform for music production? For music producers it enables working with your projects, plugins and instruments on multiple locations & devices, as well as sharing and collaborating in projects with other music producers. For plugin developers it enables modern licensing and care free distribution among multiple parties. Think of it as a cross-over between Steam and Dropbox.

Who? The team at denise audio (, a Berlin and Netherlands based plugin developer is looking for the right developers joining their mission in building the platform. We’re currently a team of five people, with two working in web-development and DSP/C++.

We’re looking for a total of three roles. A C++ developer, a backender and a frontender. If you can take up multiple roles at once – bonus points.

What will happen:

  • Build the MVP with us as a freelancer, in a 4 to 12 week time frame starting at 16 hours a week.
  • After this time, further roles and positions will likely be available. Ideally, we’ll find a new team member in you.
  • Engineers with CTO ambitions and skills are also welcome to reply. It’s a position we currently have open.


  • You can independently plan and execute your work.
  • You have good enough engineering skills to be able to build and engineer a dropbox-like web application.
  • You can create well-documented and testable code.
  • You embrace GraphQL.
  • You feel comfortable working with NodeJS/TypeScript.


  • Basic frontend skills with ReactJS.
  • C++ skills in writing system applications on OS X & Windows.
  • Ideally your located in Berlin.
  • Experience with the JUCE framework.
  • Experience with releasing software, including code signing, creating installers, implementing protection systems, creating GUI’s and automating builds.
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Send your application to: [email protected]