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At Medbelle, we are building the digital hospital of the future, providing elective medical procedures with a fully digitised, personal and patient-first experience. We are here to raise the standard of secondary care and make it accessible to all.

As we believe that all patients deserve better, we are rebuilding the patient experience for elective medical procedures from scratch (currently orthopaedic & cosmetic surgery). We recruit world-class surgeons and rent operating space from selected facilities – while providing an outstanding, digital-first and transparent patient experience and friendly personnel on hand to guide every step of the way. We build technology that integrates the entire patient journey for providers, to reduce costs, make their lives much easier and, therefore, improve elective procedures across the quadruple aim: better outcomes, better patient experience, lower costs, better provider experience.

To achieve this vision, we are now looking for a BI Analyst to join us and take ownership of our continuous data-driven improvement of healthcare efficiency, costs and outcomes. You will take ownership of a decent data warehouse setup that you can build upon but, as the team is still fairly small, you will need to move fast and hands-on in the beginning and transition to divide and conquer with an increasing number of colleagues. We are looking for someone who aims to establish ownership of the data side of things and wants to work closely with our CFO, engineering team as well as founders and general management to drive Medbelle’s strategy and operations.



  • Continuously ensure
    • validity of data in the modelled data warehouse tables
    • all departments have access to the necessary information for evidence-based decision-making
  • Support with ad-hoc analysis on strategic projects

More granular

  • Perform ad-hoc analyses regarding current business-related opportunities & bottleneck issues for various stakeholders within the company
  • Create & restructure reports in Google Sheets & Metabase based on operational requirements
  • Own the data warehouse structure and maintain & extend it by adjusting raw data transformation scripts (PostgreSQL)
  • Support & train employees in the creation of Metabase reports to further facilitate a data-driven culture


  • Good SQL foundation (incl. window functions, common table expressions, basic regex)
  • Experience with a dashboarding solution (Metabase, Looker, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Mode)
  • Modelling Experience, i.e. ability to derive usable information from raw data
  • Good general Excel / Google Sheets skills
  • Basic business understanding
  • Understanding of ETL / ELT & Data Warehousing Concepts (Kimball Modelling)
  • First experience with Git / Github
  • Self-driven and well able to autonomously conduct projects while identifying & training on missing skills on the way
  • Highly motivated to take ownership (develop the department & the company’s ability to take advantage of its data-related potential, instead of just working through the assigned tasks)


  • Experience in healthcare, especially outcome measurement
  • First-hand experience with machine learning in R or Python (e.g. university or online course / kaggle / drivendata)
  • Basic knowledge of Python or a different programming language (ability to read & understand existing code on a high level)



  • Join a small and experienced team that is reinventing itself just before a big growth phase – this is your chance to have a big impact and to grow your responsibility very quickly
  • Work in a team that values data validity & statistics as well as a collaborative culture
  • Help real patients with problems that define their lives and raise the standard of healthcare – with colleagues who are as passionate about this as you are
  • Flexible home office arrangements, also post-COVID
  • Regular Medbelle team events, including Friday Numbers, Drinks & Memes


  • Screening: Send us your CV & any available portfolio documentation
  • Initial interview: If you pass the initial screening we will be in touch to schedule an initial video interview. The goal of this initial video interview is to learn more about you and what you are looking for. This call is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Medbelle and the role so that we can both evaluate if there is a mutual fit.
  • Case study & technical interview: You’ll talk to our Head of Engineering and get a small task to demonstrate your development skills. Usually, we’ll let you meet the team for drinks but during COVID you’ll have to be ok with chats via video :)
  • Cultural match interview: Your final conversation will be with one of our co-founders. It will ensure that you will be a great addition to our entire team and will feel at home here.
  • Reference calls: We might ask you for the contact details of some of your prior managers, coworkers, and employees.
  • Decision & Offer



At Medbelle, we are building the digital hospital of the future.
We have redesigned the treatment journey for elective surgeries from scratch to provide a fully-digitised yet personal experience for both patients and providers.

For patients, we are the surgery provider of choice. We work with world-class surgeons and rent operating space from selected facilities to provide patients with the best possible care – with friendly Medbelle personnel on-hand to guide them every step of the way.
For providers, we are the partner they can rely on. We build technology and processes that integrate the entire patient journey, reducing costs and enabling them to fully focus on medical outcomes and patient care.

Our mission is to raise the standard of healthcare and make it accessible to all.
We do this by building a digital hospital that improves secondary care across the quadruple aim: better outcomes, better patient experience, lower costs, and a better provider experience.

As of today, we have provided surgeries to thousands of patients, have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 92, and are the best-rated medical provider in the UK on Trustpilot ( Our patients regularly tell us how much our work has impacted their life and it’s these heartwarming testimonials that continuously motivate us to give our very best.


We started Medbelle in 2016 and have since assembled a team of digital experts, nurses, healthcare professionals, managers and programming boffs.
We are a team of all ages, beliefs, backgrounds and interests; there are musicians, artists, students, fitness fanatics, mothers and fathers.
Everyone is encouraged to fulfil their professional ambitions while making an impact for our patients and working towards a brighter future for healthcare.

50 Medbellians
21 Nationalities
17 Languages
2 Office dogs


Alone you go fast, together you go far: We celebrate strong individual performance – but we believe that it is only the first step towards success. Extraordinary results require that talented individuals collaborate, with strong opinions weakly held and with a shared commitment to do whatever is best to achieve our joint mission.

Caring for our patients means caring for our team: Our goal is to make our patients feel cared for and provide them with a safe patient journey. We achieve this best when our team is happy. We want to empower our team members to grow professionally and personally, to maintain a sustainable workload and to be able to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing. This is why we provide perks such as an Urban Sports Club membership, German Lessons for A1 & A2, a subscription to the Headspace meditation app, a Yoga/Meditation sanctuary in the office, a monthly Personal Development Budget, Quarterly Awards and a Medbelle Library.

Work is best when your colleagues are friends: We spend most of our waking time at work, so we might as well make it quality time. Many of our team members have become good friends and like spending time together during and after work, even after they become Medbelle Alumni. We try to foster this with weekly office brunches, team lunches, Friday beers and quarterly team events.

If this role, our mission, and our culture resonate with you then we would love to hear from you.
We are also open to general applications from extraordinary candidates.

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