Data Scientist // Remerge

Remerge is a fast-growing mobile advertising scaleup that has become the no.1 app retargeting company over the last 4 years with offices spanning Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. Our mission is to help app developers maximize user engagement and in-app revenues by providing the world’s most scalable and efficient app retargeting platform. Remerge enables app developers to re-engage up to 2 million users per second across 500,000 apps globally in order to increase retention and boost user lifetime value. Remerge works with the world’s top-grossing app developers from all major verticals such as Wish, Airbnb, Spotify, JollyChic and Grab.


Striving to deliver the best return on advertisement spend for our clients by finding the best combination of Ads, targeted users and bidding price, we are looking for a talented data scientist who is adept at crawling through large data sets to find actionable insights and build prediction models. If you are the kind of Data Scientist that would go beyond pure mathematical and statistical modeling to leverage your analytical and creative problem-solving skills to build a product that makes a real impact on the business, then this role would be the perfect challenge for you.

You might have already heard about some typical AdTech machine learning ideas like click-through rate and conversion rate prediction, recommender systems, lifetime value prediction and uplift modeling, etc. In practice, you would also be thrilled by some uncommon challenges such as changing consumer behavior, fraudsters’ actions and auction dynamics, as well as high-cardinality-sparse-data and counterfactual (long-term feedback loops) issues, not to mention the engineering considerations when working with multi-terabytes of data (to be fair, this is both a challenge and an enabler for applying data science).

The predictive models will be deployed into our low-latency high-throughput system currently handling up to 2M requests per second and collecting over terabytes of data daily. You will work with our experienced engineering team to take your models to production and solve prediction problems at scale.

Besides being skilled in data analytics and predictive modeling, the ideal candidate would have a strong mindset in product ownership which cares about materializing the business impacts through well-thought planning and communications. You should work well in an autonomous culture, which enjoys a high degree of freedom in making decisions but at the same time requires one to be responsible for his/her own time uses. Finally, you should be a good communicator – able to simplify the complex and present your ideas effectively.

Job Responsibilities

  • Proactively analyze data to answer key business questions or out of self-initiated curiosity with an eye for what drives business performance, investigating and communicating areas for improvement in efficiency and productivity, which in turn drives changes in operations or initiatives in product;
  • Conduct investigative research with large data sets, uncover actionable insights and answer product questions essential to the product development process;
  • Gain a deep understanding of our business domain and solutions, work closely with our product team to identify opportunities for improving the algorithmic side of our product;
  • Build and implement machine learning models and prototype solutions for prediction problems in large scale;
  • Work closely with the engineering and infrastructure teams to operationalize the prototypes into high-quality production solutions;
  • Actively contribute to improving the data-driven culture at Remerge.


  • We are not concerned with what kind of certificates and diplomas you have acquired so far if you are able to pragmatically solve a data science problem;
  • 2-4 years of experience as a Data Scientist developing predictive models related to digital marketing and/or consumer behavior;
  • Strong intellectual curiosity and the ability to structure and solve difficult problems;
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Solid knowledge in statistics, algebra, data wrangling, mining, visualization and analysis. Proficient in explorative analysis and predictive modeling;
  • Fluent in the Data Science tech stack of Python and/or R. Familiar with SQL and machine learning libraries. Having experience with Apache Spark and Tensorflow would be an added advantage;
  • Passionate about advertising technologies and mobile apps. Exposures in click-through rate prediction, conversion prediction, consumer behavior modeling, recommender systems, lifetime value modeling, fraud detection or auction theories will be a plus;
  • Excellent communication skills that are clear, concise and focused on outputs.

You are our ideal candidate if you:

  • are a critical thinker that likes to challenge ideas and assumptions rigorously rather than accepting them at face value;
  • are a good detective that has a super instinct knowing where to look for information to find answers;
  • are excellent in communicating difficult concepts to people of varying backgrounds using the common ground, metaphor, sketching, and storytelling;
  • are a creative problem solver who knows how to find a way to get around or over or through an obstacle;
  • are excited when working with numbers, charts, algorithms, statistics, and machine learning models.

Our Promise

  • Work with senior engineers who value good engineering practices, lean processes and always strive for the simplest working solution;
  • Make a difference in the development of a successfully proven product that is required by top app developers worldwide;
  • Solve tough algorithmic challenges at high scale unique to the advertising world;
  • Benefit from a competitive remuneration package with generous stock option awards;
  • While operating at huge scale, we still maintain a close-knit team culture with team dinners, activities, and offsite to celebrate our success;
  • Growth and continuous learning: you are encouraged to thrust in experiments and personally grow;
  • We believe in supporting a culture of trust and responsibility, that’s why Remerge employees enjoy a flexible vacation and work from home policy.

Remerge is an Equal Opportunity Employer: all qualified applicants are considered for positions regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, age, religion or belief, marital status, gender identification, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability. We’re looking forward to your application!