Experienced Backend Contributor to Shape the Future of Work

At Resourceful Humans we are so out of the box, we forgot where we put the damn box. We are a Berlin based technology company creating bleeding edge solutions to transform, run, and grow companies into networks instead of hierarchies. Our technology is founded upon the logic and principles of the network organization, enabling the progressive development needed to sustain an entrepreneurial operating model.

Our products that facilitate this are aiRH, the peer to peer contribution and feedback platform, and the VR Dive, an immersive virtual reality experience based on a remarkable leadership experiment with the potential to reinvent team collaboration.

What we do: 

We are revolutionizing the nature of work and collaboration with aiRH; the AI supported atmosphere that sustains the network organization via its modules netwoRHk and staRHs. Our goal is to comprehensively reshape organizational structures and train users to adapt their processes to sustain this transformation and make the most of every team member’s potential.

  • netwoRHk is similar to what some refer to as a project management platform, but suited to the network organization, thus built upon: peer-commitment, customer centricity, transparency, applied skills, shared ownership, and adaptability.
  • staRHs is the positive feedback tool that coaches contributors to exchange better and more meaningful feedback with one another, enables peer recognition, integrates a positive feedback culture and helps organizations visualize the relationships within the enterprise.

How would you contribute?

You will contribute by applying your skills and experience as a Backend Software Developer. This means you will dive deep into all parts of the development and implementation of our operating system, aiRH. We aim for technology that is simple, intuitive, and social, to provide a digital learning environment for our customers in their daily operations.

You will work closely with our junior backend developer and all technology contributors (data scientists, frontend developers, UX designers). Therefore, experience and willingness to mentor, strong communication and leadership skills are required.

Areas you will lead: 

  • Database architecture: improve the way we gather, store, maintain and process our data to make sure that our AI, AImee, can enable individuals and organizations to collaborate and contribute in a smarter way
  • Improve database queries for more throughput, scalability and security
  • Develop performant GraphQL resolvers
  • Guarantee that our database & web app are protected with the latest technologies and good practices
  • Close collaboration with frontend developers to deliver according to a roadmap
  • Ensure data security and GDPR compliance

To contribute to our crew and conduct research on our softwares’ user interaction, you must be proficient with:

  • PostgreSQL, especially implementing business logic with stored functions and security concerns such as RLS
  • GraphQL (Apollo Graphql)
  • Node.js (JavaScript/Typescript), monorepos
  • Git and version control
  • Test driven development

Knowledge regarding the following would be a big +:

  • Interest / knowledge of AI libraries (TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, etc.)
  • Experience with microservices, AWS and CI\/CD
  • Experience with Sequelize
  • Experience with Docker images for continuous deployments
  • Experience with React.js
  • Experience with Redis

We use aiRH, Github, Jira, Notion, and Slack to collaborate at our best. If you feel we should use something else, you can convince us to do so.

As a crew member you are preferably:

-> Interested in being part of an organization that is led by its visionaries

-> Fascinated by emerging technologies such as AI and VR

-> Ready to adopt an entrepreneurial perspective

-> Able to rely on self-organization through prioritization (nobody will tell you what to do)

-> Passionate & fully committed

-> Fluent in English (fluent German would be a +)

-> Okay with Harvey (the office dog)

-> Willing to enable other crew members to level up their understanding and capabilities

Still not convinced?

Here is some information to persuade you…


-> Take our work seriously (even if fun is a big part of our culture)

-> Offer you a flexible working environment

-> Consider personal and professional development of our contributors as a priority

-> Ensure opportunities for learning and growth

-> You are never alone. RH crew members are always happy to support one another

-> Have a peer to peer bonus system enabled by our feedback tool, staRHs

-> Are a very diverse crew from all over the world, united by the common desire to make a valuable contribution

Now that we have convinced you, what are you waiting for? Apply!

Want to know more about us?

Resourceful Humans (RH) has been evolving the human condition through work technology since 2011. Enabling enterprises to travel “tech to the future of the network organization”, RH is transforming the general perception of employees as resources into a more accurate one; humans who apply their skills to make a valuable contribution. Our goal is to provide individuals in organizations with intuitive digital workout tools for performance management and peer to peer feedback. Neural networks and machine learning, among other innovative tools, drive the approach that requires a somewhat radical mentality to counteract long-standing habits and structures.

Resourceful Humans was founded upon the creative genius of the gaming industry, met with a credible corporate background. In other words, Heiko Fischer and Angela Maus, who come together to create technology that implements a new organizational operating model that materializes a smart and entrepreneurial approach to work.

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