Front-end Warrior Architect

Ready to work without a boss? Ready to shake the corporate world habits through your contributions? Ready to go tech to the future and share an office with a DeLorean time-machine? If yes, you just found THE place to work!

At Resourceful Humans we are so out of the box, we forgot where we put the damn box. We are an award winning technology company creating bleeding edge performance management softwares to visualize companies as networks instead of hierarchies. In our free-time we also create kick-ass VR video games based on the adventures of great leaders.

In short: together with AI and VR, we are creating the future of management. Our main goal is to help organisations to understand and benefit from the true potential of their (human) teams.

How could you contribute?

As a Front-end Architect, you will be in charge of reviewing the implementation of applications following code standards and style guides. You will set the workflows for your crew that guarantee everyone uses the same tooling; having scalability, maintainability, and robustness as your goals. Analysis and building of UI Pattern Libraries (Design Systems, UI Kits, etc.) will be part of your daily work.

  • Lead front-end code reviews with your teammates and take structure design decisions.
  • Run performance tests and solve issues as they appear.
  • Run reviews to guarantee the structure and design of the applications follow the standards and guidelines.
  • Run scanners to ensure the application you are building is secure and doesn’t have vulnerabilities or bugs.
  • Solve complex CSS and HTML compatibility issues in legacy browsers.
  • Review the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 are being satisfied in the project.
  • Decide about UI architecture, interactions and behaviors with REST APIs or any other mechanism to process data (GraphQL, etc.).
  • Document and assist in defining the functional and technical requirements of different applications.
  • Evaluate new frameworks and tools that can be integrated into the existing applications without breaking previous implementations.
  • Implement front-end development workflows: building systems, dependency management, quality checkers (linting).
  • Create pattern libraries and style guides according to the project’s requirements.


  • JavaScript: React and/or React Native
  • Data management: Apollo GraphQL
  • Data visualization: D3.js
  • An interest in three.js and VR web applications. These will be the next steps in our products.
  • HTML5.
  • Advanced CSS features such as Flexbox, animations, Grid CSS.
  • CSS: Bootstrap and any other frameworks.
  • Preprocessors: LESS, SASS.
  • Responsive Web Design and Development (includes device debugging).
  • Accessibility: WCAG 2.0 AA and AAA. Section 508.
  • Tooling: React, React Native, Travis CI, Sentry, Github, Gitlab, Gulp and Webpack, npm and yarn, unit testing, e2e testing, integration testing.
  • Accessibility tools: Tenon, SortSite, Axe, WAVE, etc.


  • Guidelines and coding conventions: HTML5, CSS (pre-processors and methodologies SMACSS and BEM), JavaScript.
  • Component- based development and integration.
  • Performance driven development (TDD applied to performance)

As a crew member you are preferably:

-> Caring & Thinking of others first

-> Tolerant for a family run business (crazy founders)

-> Totally fascinated by AI, Visualizations and VR

-> Self-Organized, Passionate & fully Committed

-> Speaking fluent English (fluent German would be a +)

-> Okay with Harvey (The dog of the office)

Working at RH, but why?

You still don`t know if you are ready to join the crew yet? Here are some more additional info that might finish to convince you. We:

-> Are located in one of the coolest European cities: Berlin

-> Work seriously (even if fun is a big part of our culture)

-> Can offer you a relaxed and geeky work environment with amazing coffee! :)

-> Are like a family. You are never alone. The crew members are always happy to support you.

Convinced now? What are you waiting for? Apply! :D

Also… Don´t forget to check our website:

Wanna know more about us ?

Resourceful Humans is an award winning hybrid technology / consulting company founded by Angela Maus and Heiko Fischer in 2011. The main office is located in Berlin, Germany with outposts in Serbia. Resourceful Humans is dedicated to enabling companies and teams to abandon hierarchy, politics & bureaucracy and work as smart, entrepreneurial networks.

The company’s goal is to provide individuals in organizations with intuitive digital workout tools for performance, feedback and meeting management. It won the prestigious HR Excellence Award as Innovation of the Year for democratizing Haufeumantis, as well as being praised by global Business Gurus Gary Hamel and David Marquet as THE way to create leaders at every level. With the DIVE, a VR experience RH is providing a worldwide unique training format that brings people and change management to the next era.

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