Full stack developer wanted

We are a collection of bakers, retailers, importers, producers, restaurateurs and cafes who are sick of having rely on and compete with huge companies to stay in business. The future is local and decentralised.

Archipel is a community orientated platform owned and run by the hospitality industry and those working with and for the food chain. Our goal is democracy for urban logistics and the food chain, connecting customers directly with producers and providing a community orientated logistics service.

We are not the most tech savy bunch so forgive us for our lack of terminology, currently we have strung together a bunch of off the shelf solutions to get the job done, but we are all in now and looking for a serious lead on the software side of side of things.

We are not looking to waste anyone’s time and while we do understand and appreciate the value of the job, if salary is the highest priority give this a pass. We ain’t got no seed money but we will pay very well in relation to a head baker, shop owner, wine importer, coffee roaster or farmer.

We are people looking after each other. We are open to part ownership. And you will get fed.