Full-stack engineer

At Feather, we are making insurance honest, transparent, and simple. We do this by building products that are easy to use and understand, and thousands of happy customers use them daily.

We are looking for a full-stack engineer to join us. In this role, you’ll be working in a team of talented developers, product owners, and designers from around the world.

You will contribute across all of our technical stack — from frontend, to backend, to data and cloud — and help us launch new products throughout Europe.

Why work at Feather?

  • We’re small, lean, and we love what we do. The usual buzzwords here, except we actually mean them. Staying small helps us focus on what matters, and we want to keep it that way.
  • A modern tech stack to work with. We use TypeScript with NestJSPrisma and React. Our CI/CD runs on GitHub actions, and code is deployed to GCP with Docker and Terraform.
  • You’ll be building a product that people need and are grateful for. Our excellent Trustpilot and Google reviews speak for themselves. We’ve built our products around people, and they love it!
  • There’s plenty of space to grow. We trust you to take ownership and make decisions from day one, and we will give you all the support and mentorship you need to succeed.
  • You’ll have the freedom to experiment. We run regular hack days where you can experiment with new technologies and new ways of working. Our design system DirtySwan actually came out of a hack day, as did many more internal tools and projects.
  • You’ll help us contribute to open source. We’re big believers in building in the open. We love the way GitLab, Artsy, Sentry, and others contribute to open source, and we’re following that path too!
  • You’ll decide where to work from. We are a remote company mostly hiring in Europe. You’ll be able to work anywhere so long that you stay close to the CET timezone.

Your responsibilities

  • A lot of hands-on coding, releasing often and early
  • Working closely with the team and POs to shape the product
  • Contributing to our design system and internal tools
  • Improving performance and scaling our React SPA
  • Working with containers and infra-as-code on GCP
  • Automating background workflows with Temporal
  • Collaborating with data, marketing and insurance people
  • Giving technical talks and workshops
  • Experimenting with low-code tools such as customer.ioTally and n8n
  • Proposing architectural changes using our RFC process
  • Writing posts for our technical blog and working on open source
  • Taking part in hack days to work on your own ideas
  • And much more!

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Apply now!

  • At Feather, we are huge advocates for diversity and inclusion. From LGBTQ+ events to open discussions about eliminating bias, we highly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.
  • We encourage people without degrees to apply: we believe that what you’ve worked on and achieved is way more important than on-paper qualifications.

We believe people deserve to know their options and have the best possible coverage. In the German insurance market, bureaucracy can seem unending and information can be scarce. Our aim is to relieve the burden of researching and purchasing insurance policies and give people what they need: honest, simple insurance.