Senior Cloud Engineer

ViaEurope means smart Web-Apps & APIs combined with real warehouses, clearing thousands of parcels each day – bringing products from all over the world to Europe!

ViaEurope is an e-logistic company born and raised in Amsterdam. Although we have been in the business of technology and logistics for five years already, the company still operates and grows with a start-up mindset. Technology is at the very core of ViaEurope’s strategy which evolves in sync with our talented pool of engineers and developers based in the vibrant city of Berlin. The company processes more than 350 tons or over 300,000 e-commerce parcels each day, all supported by a well-maintained software infrastructure. Technology is also behind our connected warehouses or e-HUBs which are located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Liege Airport in Belgium, and Budapest in Hungary.

We are looking for an experienced cloud architect and platform engineer to join our tech team and take ownership of our platform and infrastructure solutions. As one of the first members of our new Platform Engineering Team, you will make key strategic decisions about the way we build the next evolution of our infrastructure. You will be supported by an experienced platform engineer and will be the hiring manager for future hiring for your team.

Our plan: over the next year, we will move our applications from being run on Heroku as a PaaS provider to self-servicing infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. This is a great opportunity to apply your learnings and experience in building a scalable and resilient infrastructure from the ground up. You’ll be enabling our developers to self-manage their applications and work together with them on reliability, scaling, and security.

About Our Stack: currently consists of a larger monolithic Ruby on Rails application (RoR, PostgreSQL, Redis, highly asynchronous workloads with Sidekiq), a NodeJS driven frontend application, a data warehouse on RDS PostgreSQL (with dbt as ETL pipeline and PowerBI as reporting tool) and a small number of additional PostgreSQL databases, tools and services in various other technologies.


  • Design, build and maintain the underlying platform powering our technology
  • Work with cross-functional teams to solve real-world problems
  • Assist the tech team in self-servicing the infrastructure needed to run their applications
  • Provide guidance and support in evaluating questions around performance, security, and best practices as they relate to hosting and running our apps and tools
  • Maintain a minimum of 4 hours overlap with 09:30 to 17:30 Berlin time
  • Assist occasionally in maintenance and troubleshooting outside of regular working hours. We currently do not have a formal on-call rotation set up yet, but we will be happy to consider your experience here
  • Travel when needed to visit our office/ Ehub/ Warehouse in Europe

How we work

  • We believe that technology drives our business;
  • Our stack includes monolithic Ruby on Rails (split by business domains), JavaScript (Svelte), PostgreSQL, all currently hosted on Heroku;
  • We practice Continuous Deployment and deploy ~15 ~ times per day
  • We practice Trunk-Based Development with lots of tests, supported by fully automated CI/CD


  • You have at least 5 years of experience as a platform engineer, cloud architect, or system administrator.
  • You gained demonstrable experience in building and maintaining the infrastructure for at least one mid-sized web application including cloud elements.
  • You take pride in a mindset of treating infrastructure as code and have experience with one or more of the following technologies: Terraform, CloudFormation, Cloud Development Kit, Pulumi, R(?)ex, Ansible, or similar.
  • Experienced with containerization (Docker, podman, containerd, etc.) and know how to build infrastructure to run containers reliably with high visibility.
  • Treat Git as a documentation tool, rather than a glorified save button; bonus points if you’re comfortable with Github-style collaboration.
  • A self-motivated mindset, we’d like to rely on you to know what to do and how, and you can rely on us to support you to achieve that.
  • You’re a problem solver with a passion for simple, clean, and maintainable solutions.

Desired Experience 

Any familiarity with the following concepts and technologies is highly beneficial: Ruby, relational databases (especially PostgreSQL), Redis, auto-scaling, pganalyze, appoptics, rapid7 LogEntries, continuous integration / continuous deployment, various AWS services (S3, EC2, RDS, ECR, ECS, Fargate, etc).

About ViaEurope

We work in English and we believe that concise and effective written and verbal communication affects the quality of our work and defines a successful team. Also, one of ViaEurope’s core values is to develop ourselves. Your education or background is less important to us than your ability to take on a task and get it from concept to production. Also, one of ViaEurope’s core values is to develop ourselves. Your education or background is less important to us than your ability to take on a task and get it from concept to production. ViaEurope boasts an education budget for conferences and online learning materials, so don’t worry, you’ll keep learning!

If you would like to learn more about our work together, perks, and the application process, please visit us here: