Senior Embedded Engineer // mitte

March 28, 2019

About us

Having created the world’s first smart water system inspired by the natural water cycle, we are driven to reinvent the way water is consumed globally. Our solution allows users to create personalized mineralized water at home, giving them control over their drinking water while minimizing plastic wastage. Our international team consists of members from over fifteen countries across five continents, combining engineering, business, marketing, and UX expertise. We are well financed by leading impact-driven investors.

Our technology

Our process works in two simple steps. First, it purifies water with a proprietary distillation-based method. After the purification, the water is enhanced through a unique, patent pending mineralization process, where purified water flows through a cartridge which contains several layers of mineral ingredients.

By putting humans first, Mitte aims to change how water is consumed.

The Role

As Mitte moves closer to its launch date and the hardware development is reaching its later stages, we need to work on our digital infrastructure. Our smart and connected machine will communicate with its companion app through WiFi and Bluetooth and the aim is to sell our water enhancing consumables through both the app and website.

The task of making all components work together is a complex one. This is where you come in. With your technical knowledge and eagerness to learn, you will support the team in the development of our embedded firmware. You’ll also be working closely with mobile app and backend development teams, to bring together a connected product experience. We are looking for someone who is very flexible and hands on!

Your Tasks

  • Coordinating with other software developers on requirements and feature development
  • Coordinating with the hardware team on system specifications.
  • Test individual sub-systems and coordinate with team members to improve features.
  • Performing experiments to explore and control the primary system processes.
  • Creating step-by-step process control recipes as a prerequisite to embedded control.
  • Integrating hardware with the AWS cloud.
  • Providing general team wide support throughout the product development cycle.
  • Be open-minded and adaptive when liaising and problem solving with other team members to come to the best overall solution.
  • Manage the schedule of engineering tasks in a dynamic, fast-paced environment


  • Degree in Electrical/Mechatronic/Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Strong technical background and proven problem-solving skills in science and engineering.
  • C/C++ programming skills for embedded platforms and 3-5 years experience in an industry or commercial environment.
  • Knowledge of and experience working with mechanical engineering / electrical engineer / industrial designers.
  • Excellent practical skills: experimentation, planning, execution, documentation, presentation.
  • Can work independently or with limited supervision.
  • Ability and desire to dive into unfamiliar territory and problem-solve like crazy.
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills across disciplines

What we offer

  • Flexible hours
  • Coaching (as needed)
  • 28 vacation days
  • Modern office in central Berlin
  • Competitive salary
  • Shares in company
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