Senior Frontend Engineer (f/m/x)

In short: Senior full-time position remote in Europe. Salary €70k – 100k and generous stock options in the company. We are building a phone plan you’ll love.

😍 We are Gigs

  • Gigs is a telecom as a service. We are building Stripe for SIM cards.
  • Providing platforms custom phone & data plans through an easy-to-use API in 200+ countries.
  • For consumers, Gigs makes it super simple to subscribe to and manage a phone plan with a few clicks. A phone plan you’ll love to use yourself. Easy, transparent & global connectivity for your smartphone, smartwatch, or IoT device.
  • See immediate results of your work. Our large-scale integrations mean huge adoption within a short time. We obsess about the needs of our partners and their end customers to build a best-in-industry experience.
  • We are backed by the investors behind Stripe, Dropbox, Airbnb, Facebook, Spotify & Plaid. As part of Gigs you will have access to the teams, resources, and support from any company we work with. We count on a team of world-class advisors and investors that can help us in tricky situations.

🔧 The position

  • You’ll be a Senior Frontend Engineer for our white-label platforms and products. You will be able to take ownership, bring new ideas, and directly shape the frontend development beyond our established work.
  • You’ll work on the web app built with React, Next.js, and TypeScript.
  • You’ll work closely with UI/UX team to develop the best possible experience for our users
  • We rely on your experience and input to further develop and improve our customer-facing API
  • Over the next years, we’ll build up a core frontend team with you.

👟 About you

 We know that perfect candidates don’t exist. Even if not all of this applies to you, we’d love to learn more about you. 🦄

  • You’ve 4+ years of experience building web apps using React. We are building everything using React, Next.js, and TypeScript
  • You’ve built and maintained products with consumer or SaaS audiences. You love to build things for scale and have seen that in your past experience.
  • You enjoy building pixel-perfect experiences. We care a lot about the details. And so we keep on refining things until they are close to perfection, without losing ourselves in endless iteration loops.
  • You enjoy building a product from scratch. This means high involvement in the design process and understanding customer wants.
  • You love learning technologies as you go. You always want to find the right tool for the job, and not only follow what you already know.
  • You care about more than engineering quality. Whatever you do, needs to have a business impact. You can make trade-offs between speed and quality.
  • Bonus: You’re fluent with GraphQL, REST APIs, Docker and know your way around git and the GitHub ecosystem.

🌱 Our offer

  • Competitive salary range of €70k – €110k, matching your experience and market value.
  • Generous stock options: We want everybody to be a true owner of Gigs (tax-free until exercised).
  • Full-time contract.
  • Visa sponsorship is available and your relocation will be covered.

🎁 Our benefits

  • 28 days paid vacation per year (PTO).
  • The best phone plan in the world, built by you.
  • Flexible working hours: We use meetings when needed and not per default.
  • Get your perfect setup: Mac/Linux, Mechanical Keyboard, Plugins, IDE. We are flexible and cover whatever you need to do the best work of your life.
  • A workplace built for remote work: We are building Gigs as a remote-friendly company. You can join us in Berlin, or work from wherever you like. If you are based in Berlin, you can work from our office, or from the comfort of your home.
    • Gigs Pads: Collection of beautiful homes for when you feel like having the perfect workcation.
    • Gigs Republic: Bi-annual team offsite in sunny locations with great food, leisurely activities, and a time to work together in person.
  • Make a big difference: Take, own and implement decisions to build Gigs from scratch.

🤔 Our process

The starting date is as soon as possible. However, we are willing to wait for the right candidate. And will do everything to accommodate your needs.

You’ll walk through four stages:

1. Get to know each other: You’ll speak with Hermann, CEO & Co-Founder, first. We use this to pitch Gigs and get you excited to join. We’ll also use this chance to see whether both our expectations align.

2. Meet the team: You’ll get to meet our team members. We value team fit over everything else. This also gives you the chance to see whether you’d enjoy working with us.

3. Technical assessment: You will send us a piece of code you’ve written before (can be a pet project or a code challenge). We’ll use that to have a conversation about which decisions you’ve taken and why.

4. Final conversation: The team and you are going to chat more about the position, what you value, what you took away from the interviews so far, and whatever is on your mind.

We are mindful of your time: Going through all stages can be done within one week. Once you’ve passed them all we will extend a formal offer.

You can also speak to one of our investors. We want to give you as many insights into us as possible. We see this as a truly two-sided decision.

🧑‍💻 Day in the Engineering Life at Gigs

Feel free to take look at our API docs here!

“A usual day starts with a quick virtual standup, where we sync as an engineering team. We’re working agile and use Kanban to plan our tasks. We only have 2-3 other regularly scheduled meetings in a week, so there’s lots of hands-on development time in a day: grabbing a new card from our next column in Trello, fine-tuning requirements, programming, strategic development, or reviewing pull requests. We don’t do pair programming by default, but if someone gets stuck, wants some help, or just another opinion, the rest of the team is quick to hop on and help out.

We have regular planning sessions and retrospectives, but we don’t plan our work in sprints. Although our Trello cards are split into API and Frontend-Apps, we discuss all architectural topics together – both for individual features as well as overall system architecture. For larger architecture decisions, we write RFCs and have a weekly “dev discuss” session.

The same goes for features and business requirements: we discuss new features and how to solve new requirements together.

As a remote-first team, we socialize with virtual coffee chats during the week, and we end our week together with a happy hour on Friday evenings.” – Timo, Frontend Extraordinaire

Now, let’s hear it! 🚀🥳