Software Engineer

About us

Studio 3T has one mission: to build the finest NoSQL tools available. Over the last five years we have firmly established ourselves at the forefront of NoSQL innovation and we dominate the NoSQL tooling market with over 400,000 active users of our MongoDB IDE – Studio 3T and Robo 3T products. Our official office language is English, and we have teammates from over 20 nationalities.

About the job

We are rapidly expanding our development team and so are looking for Software Engineers to join our team. You will be involved in the full life cycle of development of our desktop and online applications, with your ideas sought, listened to, and implemented. Responsibilities include all the duties expected of an efficient and effective Software Engineer:

  • Identifying, designing and implementing new MongoDB-focussed features and tools
  • Evaluating their effectiveness, incorporating customer feedback, and integrating that into further iterations of their design and implementation
  • Creating effective automated tests for those features
  • Close collaboration with the Quality Assurance team in understanding use cases and acceptance criteria
  • Constantly improve the quality of our software and processes
  • Become a proper MongoDB expert with deep insights into how MongoDB works

The position is full time and will be based in our Berlin office.

About you

First and foremost, you are a passionate developer. You love coding, and take pride in producing elegant, performant code and ensuring its correctness. We need people who are self-starters and have a drive to meaningfully impact our continually improving product suite.

Things happen fast in a start-up, and we value experience over formal qualifications. However our ideal candidate possesses the following skill set:

  • Professional software development experience (Preferably in Java, though any other modern object-oriented language such as Python, C++ or C# will also count. In short, we hire demonstrably excellent developers, independently of which programming language you happen to have been using most recently), or an interest in working in software development, having studied Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related discipline
  • Excellent communication skills in English

Extra credit if you already have experience or a strong interest in one or more of:

  • MongoDB, Microsoft Azure CosmoDB, Amazon DocumentDB / DynamoDB, Couchbase or Elasticsearch
  • SQL databases, e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Experience of developing large, object-oriented code bases
  • JavaScript development, e.g. React
  • Server-side development, e.g. Spring
  • SWT, JavaFX or similar

What we offer

  • Excellent salary.
  • The opportunity to have a real impact in shaping the product: we dominate the market in what we do but we’re still growing so every team member’s contribution counts and is recognised.
  • A great environment: our team is sociable, diverse, and most of all, welcoming.
  • A great space to work: our new office space comes with free breakfast, fruit, snacks, soft drinks and beer, as well as fitness classes on Mondays, yoga on Thursdays, and the occasional free pizza lunch. Being a start-up, we of course have a ping-pong table.

Contact us now

If this sounds good to you, please send us a brief cover letter and CV in English to:

We would love to hear from you.

3T Software Labs builds multi-platform tools for the MongoDB database. We are the makers of Studio 3T - The GUI for MongoDB, the most widely used among MongoDB professionals, chosen by developers and database administrators worldwide. Studio 3T comes with a drag-and-drop Visual Query Builder, a full mongo shell integration with rich autocompletion called IntelliShell, the ability to SQL Query in MongoDB, and other useful features.