Software Engineer // Cornelsen eCademy

March 13, 2019

Join a development team that cares about people and good practices

In detail, that means we …

  • hire only team players that value a respectful work environment fostering open, constructive discussions.
  • keep hierarchy out of the development team. Every member can influence any field based on her / his experience and curiosity.
  • value flexibility. Our setup is remote-friendly by default, as the eight person dev team is scattered across three countries. For the Berlin staff, this means that some amount of remote work is always available in case it helps with our everyday life.
  • keep meetings to a minimum and schedule them at times that work for everyone.
  • make decisions fast and based on the input of anyone affected.
  • in addition to Scrum retrospectives, take time to share ideas and discuss ways to facilitate good code.
  • have a working test, integration and development pipeline.
  • have a high test coverage for both, front and back end code that allows for quick and stress-free deployments at any time.
  • use tools to detect code issues as early as possible to keep turnarounds fast.
  • use pair programming and require code reviews in order to achieve good code quality and in order to learn.
  • give team members free choice of operating system (Linux/Win/Mac) and tool setup; provide ample screen estate (2x 27” WQHD).

If this resonates with you, here are some more facts about our company, the product and our tech stack:

  • Cornelsen eCademy is the market leader in digital vocational training in Germany. Our users are trainees and our goal is to provide them with means to acquire their profession’s knowledge most easily.
  • The eCademy team has a focus on getting things right pedagogically, so our content team has a strong background in education and a big influence on our product.
  • The current product is a single page web app based on Angular/TypeScript/Sass for the front-end and node/TypeScript on the backend. The database is PostgreSQL and we’re using several SaaS/cloud offerings for features and hosting. Experience with our stack is a plus, but none is a must as long as you are interested in learning.
  • The development team works in two-week sprints including all the regular Scrum Events.

Sounds good? Please get in touch by applying down below.

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