Software Engineer (iOS/Android) (f/m) // PlaytestCloud

February 6, 2019

25% of the 100 top grossing mobile games have been tested with PlaytestCloud. Let’s make it 100%!

PlaytestCloud is the premier user testing provider for mobile game studios worldwide. Our online platform enables video-based testing of iOS and Android games by players around the world.

We work with a great variety of technologies and programming languages. At PlaytestCloud you’ll get to work on a great product that is being used by customers such as Ubisoft, ZeptoLab, Wooga, and many, many more.

Work environment

  • Implement new features for the playtesting framework on iOS and Android.
  • Apply reverse-engineering and debugging techniques to make sure the frameworks work with current and future mobile games.
  • Get into back-end development by contributing to the Ruby on Rails app that powers PlaytestCloud.
  • Prototype and implement new products.
  • We work with Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS), CoffeeScript, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Docker, Heroku, AWS – proficiency with these technologies is not required, however.
  • Get access to all parts of our software development process – hosting infrastructure, developer tooling and requirements engineering.
  • We use continuous deployment – your changes will be live for users within minutes.
  • Both founders are computer scientists themselves.
  • We contribute to open source projects.
  • You’ll get a MacBook Pro and external screens for work.


  • Experience with Java/Android and Objective-C/iOS is a strong plus point
  • Experience with C/C++ and operating system fundamentals is another strong plus point
  • You have experience working on real-world web applications, through university projects or prior job experience
  • You have a good grasp on computer science fundamentals and a desire to understand the entire stack in depth
  • You are a proficient English speaker (German is not required for the role)
  • You are excited to work with new technologies and learn on the job


  • Join a passionate team of 10 revolutionizing the way mobile games are developed and tested
  • For those who love cooking, we have a full kitchen
  • Flexible work schedule & home office options
  • The company language is English

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