Software Engineer (x/f/m)

25% of the 100 top grossing mobile games have been tested with PlaytestCloud. Help us make it 100%! We help game studios worldwide make the best games they possibly can – PlaytestCloud is the premier user testing provider for mobile games. Join our bootstrapped & profitable company and work on a product that is loved by customers such as Ubisoft, ZeptoLab, Wargaming, and hundreds of thousands of test players.

The Position

  • Contribute to four major code bases:
    • platform: Ruby on Rails/AngularJS
    • Recording Library (Android): Java Recording Library (iOS): Objective-C
    • PlaytestCloud App (iOS/Android): Flutter
  • Tackle a wide variety of challenges from web development down to reverse engineering.
  • Use continuous deployment – your code will be live for real users within minutes.
  • Contribute to open source projects.


  • You have experience working on real-world web applications, through university projects or prior job experience
  • You find it easy to pick up new languages and frameworks as you go
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails or similar web frameworks is a plus point
  • Experience with Mobile Development (Android or iOS) is a plus point
  • You have a good grasp on computer science fundamentals like operating systems
  • You are a proficient English speaker (German is not required for the role)


  • Join a close-knit team of 13 revolutionizing how mobile games are developed and tested
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • A living room with a TV and gaming consoles
  • For those who love cooking, we have a fully equipped kitchen
  • Flexible work schedule & home office options