SRE (DevOps, System Administrator)

Kialo is the world’s largest argument mapping site: facilitating, capturing and visualizing the world’s hardest debates. Research and development on Kialo began in 2011 and since our launch in late 2017, we have grown into a community with tens of thousands of debates and millions of contributions.

In November 2019 we launched Kialo Edu, our dedicated site for educators, which grew to 250k users within our first 18 months. Educators worldwide use it to teach critical thinking and facilitate thoughtful classroom discussion.

Our mission is to make the world a more thoughtful place.

We are looking for a new enthusiastic member for our SRE team in Berlin, to help design, build and maintain Kialo’s production and development infrastructures in the US and EU.

Join us and let’s work together, with purpose.

What we expect from you:

  • Skills
    • You have a minimum of three years of experience in managing production infrastructure.
    • Experience with AWS, Azure or GCP and how to manage and deploy them. (e.g. Terraform, Kubernetes, ArgoCD)
    • Experience building Infrastructure as Code.
    • Experience with Linux systems and relevant tooling.
    • Experience with managing web servers and networks.
    • Fluency in at least one programming language relevant to the field. (e.g. Python)
    • Professional working proficiency in English.
  • Mindset
    • Data security and user privacy is of utmost importance to you.
    • You firmly believe in automating manual work.
    • You thrive in a non-bikeshedding environment of open deliberation, where your ideas are challenged.
    • Curious and eager to learn new technologies.
    • Enthusiastic with a go-for-it attitude.
  • Responsibilities
    • You will design, build and maintain the infrastructure to enable our full stack developers to fearlessly deploy our TypeScript frontend, Python backend, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch and other services.
    • You will build and deploy monitoring solutions to provide meaningful alerts and insights into the application and environment.
    • You will help us take our infrastructure to the next level, building reliable and self-healing services within a secure environment while relying on fully automated operations (so we humans can sleep at night).

What to expect from us:

  • Meaningful work: your work enables students to learn critical thinking and civilized exchange on controversial topics around the world.
  • We have a tech-stack that is fun to work with – and it’s not set in stone. If you believe we should change something about it, then please convince us.
  • You’ll be joining an open-minded, fun team hailing from 15+ nations.
  • We work with tools that make us efficient, Slack, Jira, GitHub, AWS, k8s, Helm, Jenkins to name a few. You know about better ones? Tell us!
  • We have an agile process that is tailored to what engineers need. We do Scrum – automated tests and code reviews included.
  • We offer hardware of your choosing: Apple, Lenovo, Razer, Raspberry, you name it. And we pack a pair of noise cancelling headphones on top.
  • Currently, we are all staying safe and working from home, but we are all looking forward to the day, when we will all be back in the office enjoying our drinks, ice cream, sweets, fruit and beer on tap – ok, working with us may be a minor hazard to your healthy diet.
  • We have a really, really nice office in the heart of Berlin, designed for software development right from the start. With a race track for scooting around and without noisy open floor plans.

About Kialo Berlin

Our multinational team of 26 engineers is building the next generation discussion platform for the web. Our mission is to bring objectivity and reason into today’s flawed comment based online discussions. Kialo is a visual reasoning platform. It offers an easy way to get to the heart of complex topics. Specifically designed to streamline multi-party deliberations, Kialo conveys all arguments and points of view. Kialo has practical applications in everything from academics and politics, to business and education.

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