Internship or Working Student: People Advisory (m/f/d) Berlin

This year, HV is giving out an internship or working-student job in HV’s \”People Advisory\”, where I, Anna, support our portfolio of 75+ companies with \”all things talent\”. (Yes, it’s a deliberately broad and vague spectrum of topics.)

What people advisory means to me:

When funding startups, it is clear where 95% of the money goes: creating jobs by hiring talent. Sounds easy, but startups have a hard time doing this. What roles do we need, where to find talent, select people, and how to spot a \”great talent\”? These are just some of the questions that are hard to answer. Specifically, early-stage founders ponder on these.

And even if you master bringing in talent, this opens up a whole new problem space. Building a healthy workplace based on core values, motivational leadership and transparent progression opportunities for the people? Wait, what?! It’s even trickier as there is no blueprint you can use or book that will tell you all you have to do (turns out, Ray Dalio or Ben Horowitz alone won’t help you here).

What the internship might look like:

If the challenges mentioned above resonate with your interests and you can envision founding a company or starting a career in talent management, this is for you.

As an intern to me, the VP People, you will be involved in all those things. This includes broadly two streams of value-add I provide and we will add stuff on the go. For sure. 

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Advisory

  • Tactical advice on recruiting approaches
  • Advice on building talent pools for core roles
  • Managing relationships with external providers and tracking their work across the portfolio
  • Where possible, share recommendations of candidates from our own network
  • Share best practices for efficient and pragmatic HR processes
  • Offer advice on building healthy workplaces, which range from anything \”organizational design\” to leadership to performance management and DEI

Portfolio Synergies

  • Enriching our compensation database with best practices and frameworks so early-stage startups can use this knowledge to calibrate their planning
  • Connect HR leaders in our portfolio with each other, offer knowledge-sharing opportunities and connect those working on similar issues; make sure everyone is benefiting from everyone else basically.
  • Run analysis on recruiting volume, FTE-growth and DEI markers across the portfolio. Synthesize data to find patterns.
  • Provide curated research and inspiration about best practices, new developments around \”work in startups\”. Thereby enable our HR leaders to keep up with important stuff whilst being busy with their day-to-day work.
  • Design (and participate in) workshops sessions for evergreen HR-related topics, e.g. finding core values, hiring frameworks, interview training, thinking about growing from \”founder to CEO\”, etc.


I genuinely believe that if you have a lot, and I mean, a lot of curiosity combined with raw intelligence, this is all that is needed to be successful here.

To know if this is an exciting job for you, here’s a checklist. If you answer most of this with \”yassss!\”, then contact me.

  • You are fascinated by founders, startups and tech.
  • You are aware of the myriad of still unanswered questions about human behaviour at work, what leadership should feel like and how healthy workplaces are created. Specifically in fast-growing rollercoasters that are startups. You have a scientific thinker mindset and come with a lot of questions.
  • You know your Adam Grant, Daniel Coyle and Patrick Lencioni and other masterminds in organizational psychology, culture and leadership. You have strong opinions, loosely held about their ideas. And now you want to see all this happening in real life.
  • You have worked in a startup and know the feeling on the other end.
  • You are (officially or not) studying talent management, psychology, entrepreneurship or the likes and know that \”this is might be your thing\”.
  • Your favourite workplace tools are Slack, Linkedin, Notion and you love producing data sheets and aesthetic slides.

If you have 3 months or more to spare for an internship or working student job and want to work Berlin-based (plus partially remote), click \”apply\” and tell me more about you.

I’m very excited to hear from you,


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