Marketing Intern // Myo

April 30, 2019

About Myo

Think about care homes: what goes on each day? Most people have no idea – we hope that our grandmothers are being well cared for, but aren’t really sure. Felix and Jasper, the two founders, decided to get an inside look. They spent four months working as carers, and experienced first-hand how much effort and love the carers, nurses, and other staff members put into bringing joy and comfort into the lives of their patients. Good news, right? Well, yes – the trouble is, no-one knows about it!

As a result, Myo was born. We open a window into the lives of people living in care homes, providing a technological solution to a lack of visibility and contact for relatives and friends.

Imagine getting a notification: “Grandma Smith had a great time at the museum today!” You open the Myo app, and see a picture of your granny peering at the exhibits, having a coffee in the cafe, and buying a toy dinosaur that you suspect is going to be part of your next Christmas present. You send back a comment: “Looks like fun! 💖”


We are looking for a talented Marketing Intern to help us continue building this vision. You are familiar with techniques and strategies for different marketing channels. You speak fluent German and English, and can write sparkling copy in both languages. You are comfortable with taking initiative and proposing new ideas, and you are keen to challenge yourself and develop your skills further.

Our ideal candidate for this role is someone who would be interested in transitioning from the intern position to a longer term role – we want to develop you to become a full member of the team!


  • Create and optimise marketing campaigns in different channels
  • Assist in setting and executing on marketing strategy
  • Collect, analyse and report to management on marketing metrics
  • Work with the Product and Operations teams to align marketing with overall company strategy
  • Stay up-to-date on marketing best practices and advise management about changes and new developments in the field

Your benefits

  • Transport subsidy to use however you want (don’t like BVG? Take a scooter instead!)
  • Continuing education support for courses related to your work
  • Friday drinks every week (we’re fans of Berliner Berg Pale Ale – bonus points if you tell us in your application what your brew of choice is!)
  • Team breakfasts every fortnight
  • Monthly company outings run by our amazing social committee
  • Your choice of workstation and tools to make you maximally happy and productive (we know this is a stupid perk, but every other company puts it in their job ads and we didn’t want to get left behind)
  • Work in a light, airy office filled with plants and lovely colleagues

What you can expect

At Myo, our people come first – before product, definitely before profits. That’s because without good, happy people on board, it’s impossible to create a world-class product, let alone achieve sustainable profits. What does that mean for you?

  • Your development is a top priority. You’ll receive mentoring from the senior team members and from external advisors, as well as a dedicated education budget to put towards whatever you want to learn – be that German, JavaScript, or barista skills (our head of product would like a flat white, btw).
  • You’ll always feel like part of a team. From the weekly Friday drinks to the company breakfasts to the monthly team outings, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know your colleagues better. Plus, we have some excellent bakers on staff, so if you like your choc-chip cookies homemade and fresh from the oven, you’ve come to the right place 🍪
  • You will be a partner in shaping the company. Sharing success with everyone is one of our core values (see below), and as part of this you will have a huge scope to leave your mark on what we are creating. Got an idea for a new feature? Let’s give it a shot! Think that a new programming language could be interesting to try? We’ll find a place you can experiment! Want us to pivot to producing cat-powered blimps instead of an app? Interesting idea… let’s talk!

Our values

  • Share success with everyone. We want to play a win-win, positive-sum game. When we succeed, everyone – carers, seniors, relatives, investors, employees – should all benefit. This means that every employee has an equity component of their compensation, no matter what their role.
  • Make tomorrow better than today. Life is messy, and startups are chaotic. We want to accept that, but focus just on making each day slightly better than the last. With enough steps like that, no mountain is too high to climb!
  • Create your own path and learn as you go. All things equal, we prefer cleverness and energy to experience, because the world is changing so fast that yesterday’s experience won’t matter for long. At Myo, it’s much more important that you are smart and enthusiastic, and can learn quickly.
  • Be fun, be different. Life is too short to accept boring. At Myo, we don’t think that work should be something to be endured, a place to hide your true self – we want your true colours to shine through! We really believe that being fun and being different are sources of strength for the business, not just empty bullsh*t to use in recruitment material like this.

If you think you would be a good fit for this role, send us an email today at [email protected], with your CV and a short message.

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