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Our vision is to empower leaders to manage themselves, develop their teams and achieve sustainable success. Coaching and people development are very effective pillars to realize this vision in corporations. Since 2016, we offer a software paired with a global pool of coaches to improve the management of coaching, workshop & change. We are one of the pioneers in the European market and work with more than 500 multinational corporations such as BASF, BCG, Capgemini, Danone, Lanxess, Schott, Telekom…

What is our magic?

We do all of this with our small team, an emerging community of autonomous entrepreneurs. We believe in walking the talk. A talk about personal growth, courage & vision. A talk in which we are our own bosses (bootstrapped!) and we work on becoming ever more inspiring leaders.

Do you have what it takes? 

  • You have a natural compass that makes it easy for you to talk to clients.
  • You lead clients to follow (y)our vision: Cold calling and emailing to schedule first client meetings will be your daily bread. Besides you will answer toour email campaigns and conduct first meetings/demos.
  • You are thrilled at the idea of joining a team of few, experience a human-centered culture and growing together with us.
  • You are motivated, focused & reliable. Autonomous work does not scare you.
  • You are eager to work with the core team of bettercoach and set the base for the future of our company.

Some basic requirements to become an explorer with us.

  • You are fluent in German and in English.
  • You are studying in at a German university.
  • You have enough time to dedicate to this position (between 15-20 hours a week)

Join us!

Besides the full-time employee normal compensation package and a caring team, you will be able to work remotely on demand. Please let us know why we should pick you as our new Explorer by sending a short letter(in German) and your CV. You can reach us by mail at or by carrier pigeon at Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 33, 10407 Berlin

better results, less tasks - Companies can manage all their (internal) coaching, workshop and change activities in one place. With our customisable software and global pool of leadership experts. better results, because we co-develop a pool of leadership experts. Less tasks, because we set up a digital workflow for HR and your managers, together. Stable costs, as we standardise rates and centralise contracting and billing.

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