Junior Performance Marketing Manager


Are you new to the marketing job world and would like to learn performance marketing directly from the CMO of a fast-growing AI startup? Look no further!

Hasty is looking for a junior performance marketing manager to help us build and run our ad campaigns, track visitors and find new ways to reach our target audience. A junior person could either be a fresh graduate from a related field, or a lateral industry newcomer who would like to develop in this direction.


Here is what your profile could look like:

  • You want to help implement marketing strategies for a young and fast-growing AI company.
  • You have dabbled in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Ads, LinkedIn and/or Twitter ad platforms before.
  • You are maybe familiar with email marketing, but it is not a must-have.
  • You are interested in or might have already used testing tools like Optimizely.
  • You can speak and write fluent English.
  • You know what conversion optimization (CRO) is and would love to become a pro in it.
  • You might know how to use Mixpanel and Segment, but it is not a must-have.
  • You might speak more than one language – we welcome people from all over the world.

IMPORTANT! This is not a content creation job. Our content is created by engineers and specialists in the machine learning field. Your job is to be analytical and data-oriented.


We’re a young team of professionals with an office in the heart of Berlin. You will get the chance to work in a fast-growing technological industry while being mentored directly by one of the company founders. Despite this being a junior role, you will have a voice in the team and the chance to impact the growth and direction of our company.

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Hasty is a Vision AI company helping humans teach machines to see the world. Based in Berlin, Hasty supports Vision AI practitioners by developing best-in-class annotation tools that are supported by a community of machine learning engineers, data scientists and software developers. Hasty‘s next-generation annotation tool labels data in one-tenth the time through self-learning AI-assistants and agile machine learning that provides rapid feedback so engineers can validate and adapt models as they work.

We are a tech-driven team that has developed into a band of misfits, made up of individuals who are all slightly strange in the best way. We are passionate about the nuanced interplay of great usability and hardcore tech. The exploration of these nuances with a team of uniquely brilliant people is what has driven Hasty to the position it is in today.