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April 10, 2019

TechStyle Fashion Group is currently looking for a

Business Analyst

As the Business Analyst, you will support and advise on data-driven decision making across the EU business. You will be responsible for the prioritization and execution of analyses on key performance metrics, and will help identify opportunities for optimization and growth. You will work primarily with the EU Marketing and CRM teams, but may be called upon to collaborate with teams working on all aspects of the business. The successful candidate will be self-motivated and independent, possess excellent analytical skills, and will have the ability to summarize complex ideas clearly and succinctly to a range of audiences.

Location: Berlin


  • Support the EU team cross-functionally to add unique value through strategic data analysis.
  • Take initiative to identify key opportunities for optimization and drive data-driven solutions.
  • Create and deliver presentations summarizing findings and explaining analytical concepts.
  • Prioritize and undertake ad-hoc analyses (customer lifetime value, decile analysis, purchase behavior, etc.) through SQL queries to the internal database.
  • Support business education, enabling departmental teams to become self-sufficient through ongoing training and the creation of automated reporting.

Required Skills:

  • Superb analytical skills.
  • High proficiency in the full suite of Microsoft Office applications – advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills essential. Enthusiasm for sharing ideas and curiosity to understand the ‘why’.
  • Friendly and approachable; excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Digital and e-commerce interest.

Additional Desirable Experience:

  • Strong SQL skills highly desirable
  • Experience of working globally / remotely
  • Micro strategy / Tableau / Other data visualization tools
  • Understanding of statistical / AB testing methodology

What Are Our Core Values?

We believe living these 7 cornerstones will make us successful:

  • Be Passionate: Love your craft, contribute your ideas, foster debate, take initiative, our members feel this come through everything we do.
  • Be Great at Your Job: Demonstrate the specific areas of technical excellence appropriate to your level and role, contribute relevant developments from your field to keep us cutting edge, share knowledge, and teach others
  • Be Entrepreneurial and Accountable: Make responsible decisions as if it were your own business, continually improve how we work and what we offer, follow-through on deliverables, proactively managing expectations, hold others to a high standard, minimize bureaucracy, respond effectively to change, challenges and the pace of our business, take ownership for our success, keep our members in mind.
  • Do the Right Work: Manage your tasks to meet your deliverables, organize your time so you can succeed, understand how your work impacts the business, think strategically to solve the right problems, proactively raise questions and issues that need attention, prioritize the most important work to help us achieve our goals.
  • Be a Team Player: Pitch in when needed, listen to others’ concerns, identify dependencies within and across teams, be aware of your impact, keep others informed, collaborate effectively to ensure collective success.
  • Learn and Grow: Stretch and challenge yourself to keep learning, ask for help, apply feedback, look for where you can improve, keep developing in your role, continually increase your contribution to results.
  • Let’s Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously: Work hard, but keep it fun and light-hearted, no ego, make this a great place for each other, be yourself, inspire others’ best, help us not take ourselves too seriously, have a positive and constructive attitude.

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