Senior Patient Experience Manager (m/f/d)

Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin HQ


At Medbelle, we are building the digital hospital of the future.

We have been providing elective medical procedures for thousands of patients since 2016 and are the best-rated medical provider in the UK on Trustpilot (

Our patients choose us because we are a high-quality surgery provider and they trust us to provide them with excellent medical care. We feel a deep responsibility to live up to that trust and to ensure that each and every one of our patients feels fully supported throughout their surgery journey. This means that we are not only there for them when things go well but also if things go wrong.

As the Senior Patient Experience Manager, your job will be to handle critical patient issues and ensure that we do everything in our power to make them right. You will be trusted with guiding patients through our protocols and processes whilst providing them with empathetic and caring support when they need it most. Furthermore, you will be responsible for liaising closely with our partner consultant surgeons to drive resolutions. Managing and building good working relationships with our consultant surgeon network is the key to driving progress and creating a collaborative effort toward a resolution.

In addition to patient and consultant management (with respect to complaints), you will be required to work in several other areas aimed at positively developing the department and making it airtight and efficient. Such projects would include, reviewing our terms and conditions to ensure they encompass all treatments, creating training materials for internal use and for our surgeons, and revising current processes, and elevating them to 5-star hospital standards, to name a few.


  • Push for swift and effective resolutions to complex patient issues while acknowledging competing departmental demands and resource limitations.
  • Coordinate with other departments within the company on inter-departmental projects.
  • Judge how and when to liaise with surgeons and hospitals regarding complex patient cases, whilst always displaying the utmost professional, efficient, and patient-centric manner.
  • Build great working relationships with our consultant surgeons to ensure seamless and efficient communication.
  • Execute swift and effective resolutions to complex patient issues while acknowledging competing departmental demands and resource limitations.
  • Be responsible for communicating complex decisions to patients in a clear, understandable, and empathetic manner.
  • Train and advise the Patient Care department on our complaints policies & procedures.
  • Own and maintain our Complaints Management System and work closely with our Product team to develop and elevate our digital platform.
  • Collaborate closely with our Head of Patient Care (to whom you will report) on high-level strategic projects whilst also managing your day-to-day workload.

Working in our Berlin HQ is preferred, however, we are also open to hiring someone living in the UK.


  • You have 4+ years of experience in complaint management or another relevant management role.
  • You are a native English speaker.
  • You possess the ability to effectively communicate complex information and messages to enhance understanding.
  • You are someone that is naturally objective and patient and can undertake conflict resolution with diplomacy and sensitivity.
  • You possess natural charm and charisma, enabling you to effectively build rapport with senior management and consultant surgeons in order to drive resolutions to complex scenarios.
  • You have the ability to take charge and facilitate efficient progress with senior parties whilst remaining professional and likable.
  • You show exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of your work.
  • You have highly effective collaborative and project management skills.
  • You are assertive, driven, and demonstrate a can-do attitude.


  • Screening: After you submit your application materials we will review them to gauge if they meet our requirements. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Initial interview: If you pass the initial screening we will be in touch to schedule an initial video interview. The goal of this initial video interview is to learn more about you and what you are looking for. This call is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Medbelle and the role so that we can both evaluate if there is a mutual fit.
  • Case study & presentation: If we both want to continue after that then we will send you a brief case study that is related to your role. We would like for you to work on the case study in your own time and prepare a short presentation on it. We will then have another interview with you, where you present your case and we will do an in-depth interview and some additional case work. This should give both of us an opportunity to judge if we can see each other working together over the long term.
  • Cultural match interview: Your final conversation will be with one of our founders. It aims to ensure that you will be a great addition to our team and will feel at home here.
  • Reference calls: We might ask you for the contact details of some of your prior managers, coworkers, and employees.
  • Decision & Offer

We aim to go through all of these stages in a matter of weeks.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!