Entrepreneur in Residence (Remote), Berlin

Do you want to co-found a startup in the logistics industry?

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. You will work with us through our EiR program over 3-6 months. You’ll validate business opportunities, be held accountable for timelines, deadlines, and deliverables, and prove you can create a viable business. Your goal is to launch a high-potential startup related to the logistics industry ultimately.

An ideal Founder with Beam has the energy and commitment to launch and grow a high-growth startup and create effective solutions for outdated and cumbersome logistics problems.

We will definitely want to speak to anyone who meets these criteria: 

  • You are committed to launching a startup
  • You are confident in your proven ability to understand complex issues with high curiosity and initiative to find out more about what you don’t know.
  • You stand apart from your peers in your outlook. Ideally, you’re a serial entrepreneur and can back it up with a track record of successful endeavors
  • You can communicate complex information in simple and concise ways and make it easily digestible. You express your thinking clearly with confidence, without needing to dominate. You have a personable communication style and find ways to relate to others.
  • You’ve been an active part of a startup ecosystem in the past and have a valuable network in the European technology or logistics sectors.
  • You have gained professional experience in technology and/or logistics, of which at least 2 years were in a startup. You have gained some scars and lessons along the way.
  • You can identify a clear vision and market opportunity and be prepared to defend it with data. rigorously
  • You have a talent for finding solutions and hacks to move faster. You are not phased when the way is unclear; you thrive in ambiguity and have a knack for uncovering unexpected possibilities.
  • You keep going. You do your homework. You’re prepared to go the extra mile and find the opportunity your competitors will miss.
  • You have an internal compass of your ethics and values that you draw on when making decisions, which drives your working style.
  • You are business fluent in English and the base case, also German.

The goal of this position:

We want people who like to think and act with a long-term perspective and are focused enough to achieve it. The goal for all our entrepreneurs in residence is to launch a logistics startup with Beam, but over 80% are offboarded before the end of our program as unable to prove their viable market opportunity or strength as an entrepreneur.

Why should you choose Beam?

  • You choose a prevalidated logistics problem from Beam’s initial research to work on; this gives you an advantage starting point. You can also bring a relevant problem to us to get started.
  • Your startup success can be accelerated with (an unfair) advantage to your business move from the BEUMER Group. Your startup concept must have relevant connectivity to BEUMER Group’s advantage to be relevant to Beam’s program.
  • You will be advised and coached on growing your business idea – and have access to our network of experts to make you go faster. Our environment provides the resources and acceleration factors to get your idea moving at speed and grow into your early startup.
  • Beam will support you in searching and finding suitable co-validators/ co-founders in our program. We encourage you to tap into your network and make suggestions too.
  • Meet other EiRs and FOunders as a member of Beam’s universe, and use our beautiful Berlin office.
  • You will receive a monthly stipend of 2.500 euros (gross) for the duration of your validation (3-6 months) to allow you to concentrate on your validation fully.

Why should you not choose Beam?

  • Beam won’t suit active students, as the time commitment is more than a full-time (intense) job and needs full attention. We’d love to hear from you once you’ve finished your studies and have the work experience described above.
  • Beam is based in Berlin; we’re actively seeking entrepreneurs across the EU and ideally in Germany, so not suitable outside of this region.

How to apply:

  • Apply with Linkedin profile (CV Optional)
  • Help us learn why we should be interested in you in our application form.

Beam is a Berlin-based startup company builder with a bias for logistics and technical challenges. We are supported by BEUMER Group – a family business and one of the world’s leading intralogistics companies. We offer pre-seed funding; access to potential customers; solid launch support; and, above all, validated business opportunities that want to become a startup.

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