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sociomantic labs

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Native JavaScript Ninja with Full Stack Skills // sociomantic labs GmbH

You don’t code. You build awesomeness. Being a tech-geek not only by profession but at heart, you breathe all things engineering, innovation and data. You’re a computer scientist and team player. is your second home and your mother tongue is pseudo code. For you, architecture has nothing to do with buildings and abstraction isn’t found in art museums. You strive to simplify the complexity in life, and before Bill Gates, you would want to shake hands with Walter Bright or Douglas Crockford or Grace Hopper. You know that the answer is 42.
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Software Developer (D language) // Sociomantic labs

At Sociomantic, we don’t do vanilla work-hard-play-hard. We work hard while playing hard. That’s because we love what we do just as much as the people with whom we do it. The fierce passion we put into our work, the drive to excel at everything we do, the ambition to go above and beyond all expectations—this is Sociomantic.
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Trainee Designer // Sociomantic labs

For you, design is not only about making stuff look great, but also about turning complexity into simple, smart visuals. This is why you’re not just a designer, but a creative self-starter, visual interpreter and strategic thinker.

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Web Developer // sociomantic labs GmbH

Solving problems is fun, right? But you keep it simple, right? You’re interested in all things internet and keen to push it forward. You know what this is in this context and why box-sizing is a wonderful thing. There are things you want to build, there are things you wish you knew how to build.

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