Seeking Co-Founders Jobs in Berlin

CMO / Co-founder // Phase Four

PhaseFour // Seeking Co-Founders
February 5, 2016

PhaseFour is a working title of a Berlin based tech start-up in the coffee / espresso machine business. I have a successful start-up background (Founder Raumfeld / CTO Native Instruments) and I'm looking for a brand / online marketing partner.

Technical co-founder / Software architect (CTO) // My Impact Education GmbH

My Impact Education // Seeking Co-Founders
February 2, 2016

Hello engineers and technology gurus! We are looking for a technical co-founder to support our tech team to continue building the MyImpact social learning platform. At MyImpact we are re-thinking education. We believe that the Internet can make the way we learn and cooperate more individual and more focused on people’s qualities.

Co-Founder / COO (m/f) for a Food&Health Startup // Wellthy GmbH

WELLTHY // Seeking Co-Founders
February 1, 2016

WELLTHY is looking for a Co-Founder/COO to build with us an innovative system for the secondary health market. You will interact closely with the CEO and CFO and lead our Berlin team of physicians, health, food and fitness experts.

Chief Operating Officer (part-time) // Ecosia

Ecosia // Seeking Co-Founders
January 22, 2016

Ecosia, "the search engine that plants trees", is a pioneering social business and one of the first B Corporations in Europe. As part of our mission to cultivate a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world, we want to plant a billion native trees by 2020.

Co-Founder / General Manager // ECE

ECE // Seeking Co-Founders
January 20, 2016

We are a young company with tremendous growth in our first two years of operations and already work with large clients in three continents.

CIO/Co-Founder (m/f) for a New FinLeap Real Estate Venture // FinLeap GmbH

FinLeap // Seeking Co-Founders
January 11, 2016

FinLeap is a fintech company builder based in Berlin with the mission to reshape the financial services industry by empowering entrepreneurs to build impactful, technology-enabled and customer-centric companies.

Country Manager Germany // Drivy

Drivy // Seeking Co-Founders
January 4, 2016

We are looking for a new Country Manager to lead our fast growing business in Germany. Based in Berlin, you will interact closely with the Marketing, BI, Product and Operations teams, located in Paris HQ, and lead to success our existing Berlin team of 4-5 young talents.

Co-Founder wanted (CTO) // MyOnlineMediator

MyOnlineMediator // Seeking Co-Founders
December 4, 2015

We have developed a ready to use platform devoted to helping the work of mediators and conflicting parties by solving their conflicts online. This comes along with a global movement towards using faster and cheaper tools for solving conflicts instead of traditional court-related procedures.

CPO / Co-Founder (m/f) for a Digital Health Startup // MoodPath

MoodPath // Seeking Co-Founders
December 2, 2015

We are looking for an entrepreneurial minded and skilled product lead. We are interested in a profile capable of creating a beautiful mobile app and managing mobile-related product development processes.

CTO // Apps 4 Gaps

Apps 4 Gaps // Seeking Co-Founders
November 30, 2015

Apps 4 Gaps is a "Startup Factory" that aims to close market gaps with talent.

Country Co-Founder / General Manager // Angloville

Angloville // Seeking Co-Founders
November 20, 2015

Angloville is a young company with global aspirations and already the biggest provider of Language Immersion Programs in Central Europe. Join us as a co-founder in Germany, and help develop an innovative way of teaching languages, work with global brands and have a first hand experience implementing an already market-tested business model! Join our international […]

Co-Founder wanted (CEO, COO, CMO) // Trias Media Group

Trias Media Group // Seeking Co-Founders
November 18, 2015

We have developed a ready to use IOS and Android app which basically is a video based classified system. TRIAS has done the seed funding and has set up a ready to use beta version of the product. What we seek is the team who is willing and skilled to set up the startup on […]