Company: Lana Labs Jobs in Berlin

Lana Labs GmbH is an innovative process mining software company based in Berlin. Our solution LANA Process Mining is the first software providing automated target-actual analysis of business processes. Thereby LANA saves time and costs in the process analysis and enables analysts to dedicate their efforts to the actual improvement.

Through LANA’s automated analysis of business operations and their conformance with predefined process models, the previously time-consuming, manual analysis is now done by LANA within seconds. Decisions for process optimization measures can now be based on facts and their actual performance can be measured over time to support continuous improvement strategies.

Junior Sales Development Representative

March 29, 2019

Lana Labs Process Mining revolutioniert seit mehr als drei Jahren die Welt der Prozessanalyse. Zu unseren Kunden zählen schon heute große Namen aus der Automobilbranche, dem Maschinenbau und Energiesektor. Unser Name steht für Log Analytics Automated, denn mit Lana können Firmen in Sekundenschnelle ihre Prozesse digital analysieren und verbessern – genau wie der Pinguin aus unserem…