The water we drink, as essential to life as the air we breathe, is increasingly unsafe and impure. Chemical spills, unprotected water sources, contaminated supplies, severe weather changes, and chronic pollution all pose significant challenges for maintaining safe drinking water. As people dive into different potable water options, the plastic bottled water industry generates mind-blowing levels of unsustainable waste at a staggering rate while conventional home water systems are often ineffective and inefficient. The regulations and solutions out there are uncertain, unreliable, and unpredictable. Mitte was founded in 2016 with the visionary aim of providing a real solution to a real problem – to disrupt the water industry and provide healthy hydration in a sustainable way. Inspired by nature’s water cycle, our process is led by a holistic users-first approach. Our machine not just looks beautiful, but is also extremely user friendly and durable. We believe in honest designs; every machine part is functional and essential, there is nothing more and nothing less.


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