Founding Engineer

What if… your work empowered tech teams across the world?

Software helps address the world’s biggest challenges from climate crisis to inefficiency in governments. However, many companies and teams are bogged down by their own inefficiencies and struggle to develop technology effectively. tekkr’s mission is to empower tech teams and their leaders to achieve their full potential! Join tekkr and become a positive multiplier for techies across the globe!

To achieve our mission, tekkr builds a co-pilot for tech teams.
The tekkr platform compiles the best global practices for tech teams, combined with “incident management” for process-, people- and stakeholder challenges. The platform empowers its users to understand critical choices, make better decisions and easily implement and adapt best practice playbooks! For tech leaders we provide amazing transparency and monitoring across your entire tech organization.

So far we have used no-code tools to run experiments in real customer engagements and projects to deeply explore customer problems. Now it’s time to start building!


As a founding engineer, you will help shape the company’s culture, product and vision.

You will be responsible for building our products from the ground up.

You’re excited by the opportunity to get in early at a customer-oriented startup and in a unique way. Since we are early-stage, you will wear many hats: figuring out how to best leverage the latest technologies including LLMs, architect and build software, iterate and repeat :)


  • Full stack development skills, ideally in a commonly used stack so we can grow our team easily
  • A hunger and drive to learn, build rapidly and work closely with a tight-knit team that is on a mission to help tech teams achieve their potential
  • Some entrepreneurial experience, e.g. freelancing, running your own website-agency, having built your own solutions with real users, leading some type of community in university, …
  • The startup attitude – “they did not know it was impossible, so they just did it”
  • Full professional proficiency in English, German is a plus
  • Berlin-based, we want to start building a local team, then expand for remote work for all
  • European work permit required


  • Highly attractive equity compensation based on industry benchmarks
  • Receive a fixed salary from day 1, 45.000€/ year
  • Join a team that has already established rapport with 50+ investors including Sequoia, Accel, Kleiner Perkins, Northzone, FoundersFund, Index Ventures + many leading German VCs like Earlybird, Holtzbrinck, …


  • tekkr is built by techies for techies!
  • At our core, we are in love with improvement, learning and growth. We believe things can always be done better!
  • You will work directly with the founder Philipp Römer who was previously VP product at forto leading the development of software solutions for global trade, driving the company growth from 80 to >850 forties and achieve a 2bn$ valuation as part of forto’s top management team.
  • You will also work closely with Barzel Segal, previously EVP Engineering at forto and long-time Silicon Valley tech leader (Workday, Identified, Mindjet…)

The hiring process

  • VIDEO CALL (30m) – Chat about your background to ensure the role is a good fit + give you an opportunity to ask questions about tekkr!
  • TECHNICAL SCREEN [1 HR] – Evaluate your technical skills and problem-solving approach through discussion of past projects and practical and theoretical questions.


  • Technical Design question [60 min]
  • Behavioral interview [60 min]
  • Meet the team [30 min]
  • Closing/Questions for us [30 min]
  • Our interview day is meant to simulate what working at tekkr is like as closely as possible. We love candidates that have researched the space and come prepared with questions about tekkr.