International Schools in Berlin

If you have arrived in Berlin without a full grasp of the German language, chances are your children aren’t fluent either. Luckily Berlin’s educational institutions cater to the needs of its expat community with a variety of options.

There are international, bilingual, public and private schools that all teach in different levels of German and English and offer different curriculums and learning environments for children depending on your preferences.

What is perhaps unique here is that some of the bilingual public schools, in fact, enroll largely German students who want to take advantage of the opportunity to gain fluency in English. For that reason, it has been said that the public schools are good options for really immersing yourself in the city and make great local friends. On the other hand, private international schools can be made up of pupils from many countries, meaning they have a much wider range of cultural mix. It also means though that often the children’s parents are only in the city temporarily with work, so there may be a higher turnover of pupils as they move on.

List of International Schools in Berlin:

Quentin Blake Europe School is a tuition-free public primary school with an educational focus on bilingual education. Teaching age is 6 to 12. Pupils are taught international and German curriculums in English and German.

Charles Dickens Primary School is a state Europe School, meaning there are no tuition fees. It teaches pupils from the age to 6 to 12, following and international and German curriculum in both German and English.

John F. Kennedy School is a ‘bilingual, bicultural German American school’. It is a tuition-free public school. Teaching age is 6 to 18. Pupils are taught American and German curriculums in both English and German.

Nelson Mandela School is a public international school providing state-funded bilingual education. It is tuition-free, teaching pupils from the age of 6 to 18. German and English are the school’s teaching languages, where they study for the German-English Abitur or the Internationa Baccalaureate.

Berlin British School is an independent private international school. Fees start from 6,000 Euros per year and can reach 15,000 for older pupils. Teaching age is 2 to 18. Pupils are taught in English, studying the British curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate. In secondary school, there is also the option to take a bilingual programme.

Platanus School is a bilingual primary and secondary school with a focus on mathematics and science. Fees are calculated based on the total gross annual income of the parents or guardians. Teaching age is 3 to 16. Pupils are taught an international and German curriculum in both German and English.

Berlin International School is a non-profit day school. Fees start around 11,000 Euros per year and reach 16,800 for older pupils. Teaching age is 6 to 18. Pupils follow the International Baccalaureate programme and classes are taught in English.

Berlin Bilingual School is a private school that focuses on making its pupils not just bilingual but also bi-literate, ensuring reading and writing standards of both languages progress at an equal rate to the spoken language. Fees start from 100 Euros per month and reach a maximum of 513 Euros per month, depending on family income. Teaching age is 6 to 18. Pupils learning British and German curriculums and classes are taught in both English and German.

Berlin Cosmopolitan School is an international non-profit school with a focus on science, music, and dance. Fees are around 12,000 Euros per year, with teaching ages of 2 to 18. Pupils study for the bilingual Abitur and the International Baccalaureate, with lessons in German and English.

Berlin Metropolitan School is a private day school where pupils study in English, working towards the International Baccalaureate. Teaching age is 3 to 18 and yearly fees are around 14,000 Euros.

Berlin Brandenburg International School is a private international school that offers the possibility to attend either as a day pupil or a boarding pupil. Teaching age is from 3 to 18 and annual school fees start at 12,000 Euros, rising to 19,500 for older pupils. Lessons are taught in English with the International Baccalaureate as the final qualification.

Phorms Bilingual School Berlin-Süd a private bilingual school where pupils are taught both in German and English using the immersion method. Fees are calculated depending on a family’s income, starting at 100 Euro per month with a maximum of 716 Euros per month. Teaching age starts as young as 1 right up until 18 following an international and German curriculum. They also have a campus in Mitte.

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie is an independently managed private bilingual school. Lessons are taught in German and English, following the Berlin state curriculum. Fees are also income-dependent, starting from 100 Euros monthly up to 950 Euros.

Swiss International School is a state-approved private school financed by both tuition fees and state subsidiaries. Subjects are taught in German and English leading up eventually to either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate. Regular fees start at 962 Euros per month for primary school, reaching 1,318 Euros for older pupils. Income assessed tuition fees are also possible.


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