Co-Working Spaces in Berlin

So you’re in Berlin, you’re freelancing; it’s fun and cool, exciting and innovative, modern and edgy. Working from home is awesome; no rigid start time, no boss breathing down your neck, no crappy office coffee.

But then the novelty wears off and you find you’ve never been more on top of your household chores, you haven’t washed your hair in five days and the majority of your recent conversation has been with yourself?

Don’t dismay, you are not alone.

Berlin’s reputation as a place of creativity attracts hordes of freelancers from every discipline, be it art, music, tech or design, and this population of fluid, flexible laptop warriors needs a station from which to wage creative war. Rather conveniently, the city is full of abandoned buildings, old factories and disused warehouses just waiting to be redecorated (or not) and filled with desks and high speed internet to accommodate the army of regular-employment anarchists.

Co-working spaces have been setting up shop in Berlin since the mid-noughties and by now there are so many that you have the ability to choose exactly what suits you from a whole host of totally varied spaces and offers.

Cost of coworking in Berlin

Do a quick sweep of some of the access passes available and you’ll see that, depending on your requirements, you can avail of:

  • Hourly passes, from as little as €4
  • Daily passes, from around €15-20
  • Monthly passes, from €50
  • Monthly passes with a desk, from €250 upwards
  • Private office, from €500 upwards depending on size.

That’s just a general idea, with prices varying from place to place and again depending on the level of service you decide on. Some offer things like 24 hour access or unlimited coffee as part of the package you pay for, whereas some offer them as additional extras for a fee.

When deciding which co-working space and/or package will suit you it’s important to assess what it is you want from it. Do you want a desk with high-speed internet and printing facilities that you can sit at with your headphones in and work? Or do you want the whole shebang with social networking, events, free drinks, successful start-ups breathing the same office air plus all the other bells and whistles? Do you want a space that has been designed and decorated to within an inch of its life, or would your brain work better in a minimalist industrial space?

List of co-working spaces in Berlin

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, gets your mental cogs turning or starts the flow of those creative juices, here is a list of some of the most prominent co-working spaces in Berlin.

WeWork – 10 locations throughout the city

Mindspace – three locations throughout the city

Unicorn – 14 locations throughout the city

PostWork – access 30+ coworking spaces, offices and cafes in Berlin

St Oberholz – Rosenthaler Straße 72A / Zehdenicker Straße 1, Mitte

Factory – two locations in Mitte and Kreuzberg

Ahoy! Berlin – Wattstraße 11, Mitte

Betahaus – Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, Kreuzberg

B+ Office – Dudenstraße 10, Kreuzberg

Agora Collective – Am Sudhaus 2, Neukölln

Ringbahn Coworking – Ringbahnstraße 34, S/U-Tempelhof

With the demand for workspace seemingly unending, there are new co-working spaces popping up all over the place. Keep your ear to the ground if you’d rather something smaller and a little less polished (cough, cheaper, cough) as those may be more accessible if you’re just starting out.

Whatever you decide just don’t be the guy that sits in a cafe using their free WIFI for an entire day after only ordering one espresso. No one likes that guy.