Office Space in Berlin

So you need space for your business to do its thang? Whether you’re a startup, an expanding business, or just one that wants a new space, finding office space in Berlin can be trickier than it once was. That said, with old industrial buildings being rejuvenated and plenty of shiny new buildings popping up all over the place there are still a whole heap of options available. The city is your office space oyster no matter what your demands, so let us break it down for you.

Office space options

Co-working spaces

Obviously you’ve already read our guide to co-working spaces in Berlin, but let us remind you that it’s not all just open-plan desks, free coffee and bean bags. Plenty of co-working spaces offer private office space, whether it’s for two people or ten. It can be a great option for start-up companies as it will undoubtedly be a hell of a lot cheaper and more flexible than getting your own rental contract. Not only that, but being in the same building as lots of other young businesses and entrepreneurs is always going to be a great working environment. Whether it’s the social aspect, the availability of different opinions, or the creative energy, it’s also a ready-made source of contacts that may come in very handy in the present or future.

Shared office

Generally this means subletting extra space in an office that is rented by another start-up or small business. The business with the lease may be just like yours but a few years down the line who just need a little help covering costs. It can have lots of the same benefits that co-working spaces have, like lower costs and flexibility and the opportunity to learn from others, but without the sometimes lively or casual atmosphere so can be better for those that want to take things a little more seriously. Whether or not you can get private rooms might make the difference as it can often just be open floor desk space.

Renting your own office space

Well done! If you’re looking to rent your own private office space then business must be good! If it isn’t then you might want to listen up.

First up, commercial leases in Berlin are more often than not long term, that is to say anywhere from three to five years. If things are shaky then think before you sign on the dotted line and are stuck with a lease that you might not be able to afford.

Long leases also mean that landlords will want proof that you can pay. This can often be tricky for start-ups that don’t have a long credit history to back them up. This can be a real stumbling block in trying to get your own rental contract. Sometimes landlords will therefore also want a higher deposit which can be another costly expense to a small business. Can’t catch a break eh?

Say your finances are in order, you’ve got the money in the bank and have found a landlord that is ready to give you a contract. Think about the future of your business before jumping in. Bear those long leases in mind in terms of size and the growth of your business too. You don’t want to outgrow the office in the first year and be left with a lease for somewhere that’s too small.

Cost of office space in Berlin

As of 2017 there were 19.5 million square metres of office space for rent in Berlin, so you’d hope you can find something suitable in there somewhere. As always the costs vary, depending heavily on location as well as type of building, proximity to transport etc. The most dynamic areas are Mitte and the south side of the city like northern Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Tempelhof, through to Schöneberg, and „Mediaspree“ which lines the Spree river through Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

So down to the nitty-gritty of numbers then.

The average office space rental rate through the whole of Berlin is 19.15 €/m², with a top rate of 31.80 €/m².

It fluctuates depending on area and even within those areas so here’s a rough idea to guide you on your way.

Potsdamer/Leipziger Platz:

Average rent €/m² = 23.35

Range  = 17 – 30.40 €/m²


Average rent €/m² = 21.10

Range = 20 – 23.50 €/m²


Average rent €/m² = 27.50

Range = 12.50 – 31.80 €/m²

City West:

Average rent €/m² = 18.30

Range = 9.30 – 30.70 €/m²

City East:

Average rent €/m² = 20.45

Range = 8 – 27.50 €/m²

Where to look for office space

Don’t underestimate the value of an estate agent when searching for your office space. Aside from that fact that it will take a lot of the stress off you, these guys are professionals. They will more than likely have every listing of office space in the city and then be able to tailor the search process exactly to your needs so you’re not wasting time trawling through lists of places that won’t suit. However, be aware that agents often (but not always) charge a commission that is based on the property and the length of the lease contract.

Here are but a few resources for you to have a look at:

So there you have it, the run down on office space in Berlin. Let the hunt commence!