Mitgründer gesucht-Jobs in Berlin

Steige als Mitgründer / Co-Founder oder Geschäftsführer in einem Berliner Start-Up ein

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Co-Founder // Finparx

Co-founder // TBA

Januar 16, 2017

We empower people to stand up for themselves in life. How do you do that, there are already millions of books, websites and podcasts… Well, how to do it effectively is exactly the novelty we bring.

CEO // Endoctus

Januar 10, 2017

Endoctus is currently a product of Endocode AG. The website will launch imminently and it will be incorporated as it’s own company in the next month. Endoctus is a physical, off-line academy in Berlin which is designed to bring teaching back to the classrooms for software and devops engineers. It’s aim is to create an […]

Venture Developer // Finparx

Business development/Marketing/Sales // easybusy GmbH

Januar 4, 2017

A business development/marketing and sales partner needed to help establish a whole new industry of business: family-friendly coworking spaces. The existing coworking with optional on-site childcare needs to get and stay known, to develop new ways of delivering the message of possibility making work-life balance „easy“, to help building or cultivating the community.

Hacker in Residence // Founders

Dezember 22, 2016

You are a talented hacker who wants to build a product-first company. You love playing around with new ideas and aren’t afraid to throw away things that don’t work for the end users. You are a very independent person with a strong personal drive. You have the people skills necessary to lead a small team.

Entrepreneur in Residence (f/m) // Rheingau Service GmbH

Dezember 22, 2016


Co-founder // Mindformers

Dezember 15, 2016

Are you based in Germany ? Do you want to be part of an exciting london based start-up transforming the way we view our career ?

Cofounder, CEO // Stealth Furniture Inc

Dezember 13, 2016

Fast growing online furniture company with 8-digit revenue run-rate looks for Cofounder / CEO to support operations in Germany (Berlin), USA and Asia.

cofounder //

Dezember 6, 2016

VIRTUAL REALITY / ART / COLLECTIVE Seeking a native German cofounder to join our virtual reality art collective at the early stages of development. Our drives are passion for virtual reality, local activism and art. We will form an e.V. (non-profit driven) multi-disiplinary collective and simultaniously create a commerical UG arm as a VR production […]

Managing Partner // StartUp Marani

Dezember 2, 2016

We are International StartUp Incubator and Investor/Talent/Entrepreneur connector. Our locations are Russia/Belorussia/Ukraine/Georgia. We are considering having location in Berlin within existing CoWork or International StartUp Hub/Accelerator for exchanging investor/entrepreneur network via adding value to each other and creating synergy.

CTO in Residence (m/f) // FinLeap

November 4, 2016

FinLeap is Europe's first Fintech Company builder with headquarters in Berlin. We build between six and eight startups each year and develop them into reputable and successful companies. Our portfolio includes well known startups like Clark, Savedo and solarisBank – Germany's first Fintech with a full banking license. At FinLeap our committed entrepreneurs, experienced financial […]

Co-Founder, Online Marketing & Bus Dev // Recrutex

Oktober 26, 2016

Recrutex is a new venture that markets recruiting videos in a special way. We are in founding stage and look for a co-founder responsible for online marketing and business development.