Senior back-end developer (full-time)


To provide our customers with video infrastructure which is both powerful with as much features as necessary but also serves the future of our planet by creating as little carbon emissions as possible, we strive for developing the most efficient and lean solutions throughout our software development process. This is where the goals between high-end software development and sustainability meet in its core: less is more and efficiency is key.

Your responsibilities

You will join our tech team as a senior back-end developer and work on all major back-end systems of our production ready video infrastructure and take care about its scalability and efficiency. You will work closely with product-, design- and tech people in a very lean and agile manner, developing new exciting features and shaping the future of our products.

Qualification and skills

  • Expert in JavaScript and/or TypeScript and strong on writing performant code and clean, testable architectures
  • Extensive experience in developing server side code with Node.js and frameworks like NestJS
  • In-Depth knowledge about cloud infrastructures on AWS, ideally with Lambda, SQS, SNS, ECS, EC2, S3, CF, ALB, CDK/CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Redis, VPC.
  • Experience in designing clean and well documented API surfaces for a variety of consumers: mobile, web, server to server.
  • Expert in relational database systems, such as PostgreSQL ideally knowledge with time series databases such as CrateDB, NoSQL such as DynamoDB and Graph Databases such as Neptune.
  • Strong knowledge in Unix / Linux environments as well as proficient in Docker
  • Strong knowledge about networking and essential application layer protocols such as HTTP and DNS
  • Focused on ensuring the highest level of quality in all deliverables
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, agile team with very high attention to detail
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Very good language skills in English
  • Bonus: Experience with video infrastructure and delivery (adaptive streaming, encoding, etc.)
  • Bonus: Knowledge of event driven architectures and microservices
  • Bonus: Experience in creating real-time systems
  • Bonus: Experience in developing backend systems for mobile apps


  • Become part of a highly motivated and professional interdisciplinary team
  • Experience and shape a communicative, creative, and stimulating working environment with a high degree of freedom
  • Work on highly challenging scalable infrastructures to amaze millions of people
  • Be part of a team that cares for the future of our planet by applying world-class engineering

Since our founding in 2011 we always tried to push the boundaries of the digital space. Be it for our own products or solving problems for our clients. Be it new mediums, novel means of interaction, 3D real-time graphics or even advanced machine learning solutions. In everything that we do we strive for the highest possible mark. For us that mark is reached when excellence in design and custom tailored high end technology complement each other so well that the boundaries between possible and impossible blur. When it just feels magical.