Senior Software Engineer (m/f/d)

About the position

You will work in a product development team of highly-skilled engineers on Garden Cloud, our platform for teams, and on our open-sourced Core product which is a pluggable, graph-based, cloud development tool. That’s a mouthful, but in essence, Garden provides an engine that is optimised for building, testing, and deploying workloads that run on the cloud. Garden Core features plugins for Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform and more—and we’re always looking to the future in terms of what technologies to support.

This position is remote-first and is open to candidates based within the EU. Additionally, we have a beautiful office in vibrant Berlin, Germany where colleagues can collaborate and have fun.

What you’ll do

Most workflows and pipelines are already set up and the developer experience is smooth. At the same time, there are many exciting features that will delight developers worldwide that we just can’t wait to build. So in short, you’ll get to do all the fun stuff. And since the is open source, you can see exactly what that looks like by checking out the codebase.
As a Senior Software Engineer, you will have a crucial role in designing and developing the Garden products and their architecture.


You will collaborate with the entire team to plan, design, and build the various components of the Garden platform.
The majority of your time will be spent „hands-on“, writing application code. This includes backend work on our cloud platform such as designing and implementing APIs and writing SQL queries as well as work on our open source CLI product. Our roadmap includes many exciting and challenging features.
Your experience with distributed systems and cloud native technology will be valuable in guiding the design and implementation of features used by other cloud native engineers.
Containers, Kubernetes, and other cloud native technology will be part of your daily work.

Who we’re looking for

You are the ideal candidate for this position if you:

  • Have a minimum of 6 years of experience as a backend engineer, with at least two years specifically working with Node.js and Typescript.
  • Are passionate about developer tooling and improving developer productivity.
  • Have an interest in distributed systems (or micro-services) and the cloud native technologies used to build and operate them.
  • Are enthusiastic about open source products and communities.
  • Have experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and/or other cloud native technologies
  • Have prior experience working in remote distributed teams and possess excellent written communication skills.
  • Are comfortable working with a team that is still figuring things out and value trust, openness, and collaboration in the process.

Our Process

We are a small team that values simplicity and efficiency, and this extends to our interview process as well.
The interview process consists of three steps:
First, you will have an initial call with our Engineering Manager. The purpose of this call is for both parties to get to know each other, ask questions, and discuss the role and culture at Garden. We will also discuss salary expectations and availability.
The next step is a technical interview with members from our Product development team.
Finally, you will be asked to present a technical project that you have been working on. It can be a personal project of yours, or we can provide you with a take-home coding exercise.
We will reach out to the references you provided.
We will send you an offer letter!

We explicitly encourage applications from groups that are underrepresented in tech. We celebrate and encourage diversity of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and thought. Diversity is easier said than done but it’s one of our founding principles to provide a diverse and inclusive environment.


Garden is a DevOps automation tool that simplifies the management of cloud-native systems. Our portable pipelines ensure consistency between development and CI environments, reducing configuration complexity. This streamlines processes, enables faster feedback, and minimizes manual work.
We are still a small team, and joining now gives you the opportunity to have a significant impact on our product and culture. If you have ever felt that something is not quite right with modern development workflows, this is your chance to help improve it!