With more than 1,5 million mindful users across all of Europe, 7Mind is Europe's most popular mindfulness app. The app offers more than 320 guided meditations and mindfulness exercises in English, German, French, and Dutch. The 7Mind App is based on the idea to help easily integrate the practice of meditation and mindfulness into daily life. We at 7Mind firmly believe in the great potential of the human mind. It is our mission to empower people and organizations alike to lead healthy, happy and purpose-driven lives. 7Mind was founded in 2014 by Jonas Leve and Manuel Ronnefeldt. While Jonas and Manuel were still students at University Witten/Herdecke in Germany, their vision was to create an easy to use product that helps everyone to become more mindful and practice meditation - anywhere and anytime. We provide scientifically-backed practical knowledge and tools at scale. All 7Mind content has been created together with renowned experts: Zen teacher and entrepreneur Paul j. Kothes; Mind and Body scientist Prof. Dr. Med. Tobias Esch; Coach, author and meditation teacher, Jonathan Lehmann.