Humanity has messed up the planet's carbon cycle: We have added 1.5 trillion tons of extra carbon into the atmosphere, and are adding billions more each year. There is no question what we need to do to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge. And we've already created a promising economic instrument: carbon offsets. But we struggle to scale this instrument and streamline the process of issuing and trading carbon offsetting certificates. As a result, the voluntary carbon market is inefficient and inaccessible. Atem envisions a future on a thriving planet: Humanity in sync with nature in a balanced ecosystem. To accelerate towards this future, we help establish an efficient carbon market.‍ We believe that blockchains are ideally suited to fix many of the shortcomings of the current carbon market. Permissionless (open, transparent systems for everyone to participate in) and automated transacting for market participants (instant, low-cost exchange of offsets and funds) are already big steps in the right direction. Leveraging this new market, Atem increases the return on carbon offsetting through highly-efficient, automated carbon APIs.


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